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Accelerate your active learning & Computer Vision efforts. Our in-house data labeling service by experts provide cost efficient annotation services to generate high quality training datasets

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Labeling and annotation tools we use

Image Labeling Services for Bounding Box 2D & 3D

Bounding Boxes

2D & 3D Bounding Box label objects in digital images for Computer Vision Model & AI algorithms

Polygon Annotation for Irregular Objects

Polygon Annotation

Polygon labeling for irregular objects is suited for asymmetrical & diagonal objects in images and video

Audio To Text Transcription & Annotation Service

Audio Transcription

Transcription annotates audio recordings & adds metadata for AI ML models to interpret the audio

Polyline Annotation & Keypoint Labeling Services

Polyline and Keypoint

Polyline Annotation detects lane & boundaries. Keypoint Labeling tracks object movement & expressions

Customer Perceptual Map & Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis & Perceptual Maps

Marketers use Sentiment Analysis & Perceptual Maps to understand consumer opinions and preferences

NLP & NER Annotation Services

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP extracts meaning from text enabling Conversational AI & ML Models to understand and train

Semantic & Panoptic Segmentation for Computer Vision

Semantic Annotation & Panoptic Segmentation

Annotation of images at pixel level to achieve superior training of AI & Computer Vision Models

Video Annotations For Machine Learning & AI

Movement & Position of Objects in Video

Video annotation tool for deep learning labels movement objects in each frame to train ML models

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Successful projects across industries

Annotation & Computer Vision for Self Driving Vehicles


Superior training of Computer Vision model of ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles need considerable high-quality annotated data

Retail & eCommerce Data Annotation for AI & Computer Vision

Retail & E-Commerce

AI Automation in Retail Store & Capturing Brand Preferences in ECommerce require accurate annotated data to train ML Models

Annotation for Robotics & Machinery AI


ML & Computer Vision Models in Robotics are capable of predicting downtime & maintenance resulting in superior output

Annotations for Medical, Healthcare, Robot Surgery ML & AI

Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare AI & Medical Data Extraction need error-free annotated data to train ML models of autonomous surgery

Annotations for Agriculture & Farming AI


Agriculture Automation such as Modern Farming, AI Soil & Crop monitoring & Ripeness Tests require curated annotated data

Computer Vision & Annotation in Supply Chain & Operations

Supply Chain, Warehouse & Operations

Reduce human errors & increase output by adopting autonomous supply chain AI processes which need annotated data

Drone & Satellite Imagery Annotation & Computer Vision

Drone & Satellite Imagery

Drone Computer Vision & AI in surveillance images and Satellite monitoring are extensively used for city and urban planning

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