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Audio Annotation & Transcription Services

What is audio annotation & transcription?

Voice commands and audio recordings are converted into text (voice to text) and linked together using NLP models before AI & ML Models can interpret the Audio data. This process of audio labeling & speech annotation transcribes audio to texts and adds metadata to enable machine learning to train the AI Models such as Voice Assistants.

Where are text annotations used?

Speech to text conversion tools

Speech recognition and audio to text transcription software & tools recognizes audio data (voice clip and audio recordings) and converts them into words.  

For such AI Models to interpret the Audio datasets, high-quality annotated & labeled audio datasets of various accents, languages, tones, and dialects are required to increase precision.

Audio Annotations for Speech to Text Conversion & Transcription
Voice Command Engines Audio Annotations

Voice assistants & voice command AI models

All electronics are getting smarter, from cars to home appliances, by enabling voice commands to perform a task. Conversational AI in Voice assistants in smartphones and smart speakers have achieved new heights in understanding instructions. 

Such voice command AI models need high-quality annotated and labeled audio datasets to improve accuracy and work flawlessly.

Image annotation applications across industries

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