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Semantic and Panoptic Segmentation Annotation for AI Models

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Semantic & Panoptic Segmentation for Computer Vision

What is semantic & panoptic segmentation in image annotation tools?

Computer Vision object detection segmentation annotates each image pixel, resulting in more accurate labeled datasets and, therefore, superior AI & ML models training.  

Semantic segmentation differentiates between a class of objects in images, such as differentiating all kinds of cars from all buildings. While panoptic segmentation also determines the difference between different objects of the same image class, such as Car A from Car B and Building X from Building Y.

What are the difference between semantic and panoptic segmentation?

Annotation at Pixel Level with Semantic Segmentation
Achieve Labeling at Pixel Level with Panoptic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation: Annotate each pixel of image class

Achieve Labeling at Pixel Level with Panoptic Segmentation

Panoptic segmentation: Annotation each object in each image class

Train data for higher accuracy

Semantic and panoptic segmentation increases the accuracy of the datasets for the deep learning process. Labeling each pixel of the image brings widespread use of Semantic And Panoptic Segmentation in autonomous vehicles, drone imagery, automated medical surgeries, etc. 

Annotating LiDAR datasets using Semantic Segmentation produces an accuracy up to 1cm.

Semantic & Panoptic Segmentation in Healthcare AI

Image segmentation applications across industries

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What is instance segmentation?

Instance segmentation is a technique for identifying, segmenting, and classifying each object in an image. Simply put, each instance of an object is recognised, and its boundaries are demarcated individually. For example, when three persons are in an image, each person is segmented separately based on their boundaries and given a different label. The same is done for all the other persons in the image.

What is segmentation image processing?

Segmentation image processing is the process through which digital images are divided into subgroups called image segments, thereby reducing the complexity of an image to allow further processing and analysis. In semantic image processing, the pixel detector does not process the entire image but instead focuses on the segmented pixels only, thus improving the accuracy and speed.

What is semantic segmentation?

Semantic segmentation is arranging pixels in an image based on their semantic classes. Similar objects are segmented as one and assigned a common specific class without referring to the context or additional information about the object. For example, two cars in an image are segmented and assigned class cars without details about whether it is the first or second car.

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