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Video Annotation Services for Deep Learning

What is video annotation & labeling?

Video annotation tools for deep learning break down video files into frames (fps) and label objects in each video frame. Annotated video datasets make the information about the movement of things and the relative position of the object with other things in the video recognizable for ML & AI models.

What do video annotation tools do?

Capturing movement of objects

Capturing the movement of objects or things in Videos requires either frame-by-frame annotation of the object using Image Annotation tools (higher accuracy) or continuous video annotation using advanced AI software (lower accuracy). 

Video Annotation and transcription of video to text are widely used for computer vision models of surveillance, traffic moderation, security cameras, and many other industries.

Video Annotation & Labeling for Movement of Data
Video Annotation & Labeling for Computer Vision

Capturing relative position of objects

Video Annotation tools label the relative position of different things with other things in the video datasets. 

Relative position is instrumental to understanding the relative direction and range in industries such as manufacturing and automobiles.

Video annotation tools for machine learning across industries

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What is a data annotator?

A data annotator is an individual who carries out data annotation. A data annotator is responsible for accurately labeling or tagging the training data. Data annotators are hired in-house, work individually, or by firms that provide annotation services. Data annotators ensure that accurate annotations are put on the data per the instructions.

What is data annotation job?

A data annotation job is a task requiring an individual to carry out data labeling or tagging based on a set of instructions. Data annotation jobs are either internal works advertised by the company developing ML/AI models or by data annotation companies that carry out data annotation for other firms. A data annotation job will vary based on the intended use case of the data to be annotated.

What is data labelling jobs?

A data labeling job is a task that involves adding one or more informative labels to raw data to help make the raw data more informative. Data labeling jobs are carried out to help computers quickly identify and home on specific aspects of data or an image. Data labeling jobs are performed using specialized platforms that allow users to use different data labeling techniques.

How to detect deepfake videos?

The technology used to identify deepfakes is based on the same technology used to create the deepfake. Over time, the technology has learned to detect features and signs that would not be real in a video. These include jerky movements, unusual blinking of the eyes or lack of eye blinking, additional pixels in the frames, and poor lip and speech synchronization.

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