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Computer Vision & Annotation in Supply Chain & Operations

Need of data annotation in supply chain & operations

Autonomous supply chain planning and warehousing are among the front runners in adopting AI-based solutions. Reduced risks and cost, better forecasting, and faster turnaround time are just some of the advantages of adopting AI & machine learning models. To execute and train prediction computer vision and machine vision models that understand surroundings and detect defects, high-quality, precise data annotation is a must.

How is data labeling used for autonomous vehicles?

AI Automated Inventory Management using Polygonal Image Annotation
Annotation for Machine Learning Supply Chain Optimization

Polygon Annotation for inventory management AI tools

Annotation for Machine Learning Supply Chain Optimization

3D Bounding Boxes for automated supply chain management

Annotation for ML Automated Re-Ordering Level
Panoptic Segmentation for AI Automated Robotics

Polygon Annotation for in-store automated reordering levels

Panoptic Segmentation for AI Automated Robotics

Panoptic Segmentation to map surroundings for autonomous industrial robots

ML AI Labeling for Quality Assurance & Defect Detection
Machine & Robots Downtime & Maintenance Prediction

2D Bounding Boxes for package inspection and quality assurance checks

Machine & Robots Downtime & Maintenance Prediction

Polygon Annotation for predicting maintenance and downtown of machines

Annotation tools used in supply chain & operations industry

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