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Image Labeling Services for Bounding Box 2D & 3D

What is a bounding box in image annotation tools?

Image bounding boxes are drawn on objects in an image. Labeling the object of the image makes the thing identifiable to ML & AI Models. Image labeling bounding boxes extract information from the pictures for the artificial intelligence to understand such details. 

What are the different types of bounding boxes?

Image Labeling: 2D Bounding Boxes
Image Annotation: 3D Bounding Box for AI & ML

2D bounding box annotation

Image Annotation: 3D Bounding Box for AI & ML

3D bounding box annotation

3D bounding box for higher accuracy

3D bounding boxes annotation carries information about the height, depth, and length of the objects in the images resulting in higher accuracy of image classification than the 2D bounding boxes. 

Also, 3D bounding boxes produce more defined edges of the objects in the images compared to 2D Bounding boxes.

Image Annotation: 3D Bounding Box Achieves higher accuracy than 2D Bounding Box

Bounding boxes are used across Industries

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How to label images for deep learning?

Image labeling for deep learning is carried out to ease object detection for a machine. It is done using semantic segmentation, 3D cuboids, and polygon annotation, where every object of interest is labeled and named according to the instructions. The labels must be clear, and it is therefore advised to use the appropriate labeling tools.

How to label images for machine learning?

The process of labeling data for machine learning is accuracy-driven. Every object of interest in an image is labeled as per the instructions. You can achieve the labels using cuboids, semantic segmentation, or polygons. The labels are then named per the annotation guidelines, enabling easy identification and differentiation by the machine learning model.

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