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Text Annotation Services: NLP, NER and Document Transcription

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Text Annotation & NLP Services

What is text annotation & labeling?

AI technology such as Chatbots & Translations Software need to interpret texts before processing the meaning of the texts. Text Analysis tools such as NER Annotation & NLP Solutions classifies and links words with other words for the artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques to interpret the text. 

What are the different text annotation tools?

Natural language processing (NLP)

Relation extraction NLP Annotation makes texts understandable to AI & ML models. Words in texts are the classified basis of a specific lexicon library (word library) and are linked together for the machine learning process to interpret the text. NLP is crucial for Image OCR software, Conversational AI Chatbots, and transcription services.

NLP Annotation & Labeling for Text Datasets
Text Annotation: Content Moderation & Chatbot Training Services

Chatbot training & content moderation

Mimicing human-like replies and censoring content need accurately annotated text dataset for Chatbots and Content Moderation models which work in real-time. 

Annotation Labs has deep understanding in managing Industry specific lexicons, degree of moderation, and diversity of human language to produce accurate Text Annotations.

Text annotation for E-Commerce Brands and Marketers

Sentiment analysis

Brand Sentiment Annotation & Analysis tools analyzes the text’s emotion and sentiment whether it is supportive, positive, negative, critical, or neutral. 

Sentiment Classification applications include web scraping, analyzing social media and online reviews and comments about products and services.

Sentiment Analysis Annotation for Brand ECommerce
Text Annotation: Marketing Perceptual Map for ECommerce

Perceptual maps

Perceptual maps for market research and brands graphically displays the customer’s perception about the product, brand, or services. 

It enables managers to identify changes in consumer perception, identify white spaces for business opportunities and view changes in the competitive landscape.

Text annotation applications across industries

Healthcare, SaaS, or an E-Commerce Brand? Annotation Labs has the precise annotation solutions for your annotation needs.

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How to transcribe a voice recording to text?

Transcribing a voice recording is similar to transcribing an audio recording. It involves listening to the voice recording, recognizing the words, and then putting the words on a text document for manual transcription. For automatic transcription, the process involves uploading the voice recording to the transcription software, the software recognizing the terms therein and then producing a transcript of the same.

What is transcription services?

Transcription services are companies that offer to carry out transcription tasks on behalf of others at a fee. Transcription services are popular due to their cost effectiveness, high-quality transcriptions, and reduced burden in terms of human resource requirements. Some commonly needing transcription services include solicitors, police officers, legal professionals, academics, and businesses. Examples of transcription service providers include Annotation Labs, Trint, Sonix, and

How to transcribe text from video?

Video transcription is the process by which words in a video file are recognized and put into a text file. The video transcription process is similar to audio or voice recording transcription and follows the same rules. It can either be manual or automatic. Manual involves watching and listening to the video file and putting down the words on a text document. Automatic video transcription uses speech recognition software to identify words in a video file and convert the terms into a text transcript.

What is named entity recognition?

Named entity recognition (NER) is the process of identifying and categorizing critical information in a piece of text. It is called entity extraction, chunking, or identification. An entity refers to a word or word series constantly referring to the same thing. NER works by classifying each identified entity into a predefined category. NER is a subfield of AI and a form of natural language processing (NLP).

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