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Satellite & Drone Computer Vision and Data Labeling

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Drone & Satellite Imagery Annotation & Computer Vision

Need of data annotation in drone & satellite imagery

Aerial satellite & drone images contain large amounts of unprocessed information. Proper annotating such high resolution aerial imagery photos and videos is paramount to extracting useful information and training AI & ML algorithms and computer vision models. Agriculture, Logistics, Urban Housing, and Construction are front runners in aerial imaging.

How is data labeling used for drone & satellite image?

Image Annotation 2D Bounding Boxes for Satellite & Drone Aerial View
Point Annotation to Locate Small Object of Drone Imagery

2D bounding boxes for aerial view classification used in GPS services

Point Annotation to Locate Small Object of Drone Imagery

Point annotation to locate smaller objects of interest

Image Panoptic Segmentation & Labeling for City & Urban Planning
Polygon Annotation for Urban Planning Satellite Imagery

Panoptic segmentation for different levels of object detection such as houses and farm

Polygon Annotation for Urban Planning Satellite Imagery

Polygon annotation to correctly identify exact edges of object class such as bungalows

Road & Street Mapping using Drone AI Semantic Segmentation
Building Exterior Planning using Drone AI

Semantic segmentation for drone based aerial mapping and digital surface models

Building Exterior Planning using Drone AI

3D bounding boxes for city layout and urban planning

Annotation tools used for Drone & Satellite Imagery

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