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Polyline Annotation & Keypoint Data Labeling Service

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Polyline Annotation & Keypoint Labeling Services

What is polyline annotation and keypoint labeling?

Polyline annotation and spline annotation marks limits such as lane detection and road markings on image video which trains the AI model & ML algorithms to operate within the boundaries.

Keypoint labeling is also known as movement tracking annotation. This technique marks critical points on the objects to track movements and directions of objects, such as facial expression labeling. 

Polyline Image Annotation for Lane Detection & Boundaries

Keypoint Annotation data labeling service

Polyline Image Annotation for Lane Detection & Boundaries

Polyline Annotation for lanes on road

Uses of polyline & keypoint annotation

Keypoint Annotations techniques is widely used for motion tracking, facial recognition, hand gesture recognition in phones, Sports and fitness training and analytics.

Polyline Labeling, also known as line annotations, defines boundaries for automated machines such as robots and vehicles to operate within.

Capture Movement of Body & Face with Keypoint Annotation

Image annotation applications across industries

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What ethical issues does facial recognition raise?

Facial recognition technology in recent years has been in the middle of an ethical debate. Its fielding has increased in ethical challenges, including the hacking risks, violation of personal privacy and personal data, lack of consent for the individual to be monitored, and problems with how data collected is used or stored.

What is an image annotator?

An image annotator is an individual who labels digital images adding labels accurately to help the models easily identify objects of interest. Image annotators play an important in machine learning and computer vision by ensuring that the training data is appropriately and accurately annotated. A good image annotator is part of the factors that will influence the accuracy of the resulting model.

What is image annotation?

The process by which digital images are labeled or classified using the different annotation techniques and tools is called image annotation. Image annotation prepares the training dataset by labeling features that the machine learning model recognises. It is, therefore, an essential element in machine learning.

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